Making Great Ideas Awesome!

CreativLi specialises in brand strategy and the creation of both corporate and personal branding. We service small to medium businesses in Brisbane and other parts of the world. We help businesses create highly effective brand identities so they not only stand out from their competitors and leave lasting first impressions, but become the ONLY option for customers in their area of expertise. We are really good at making your great ideas awesome!

Are you constantly competing on price not value? How close is your BRAND to your customers’ hearts? Is your business seen as a mere commodity?

Finding out the effectiveness of your current branding is the first step in transforming your business toward greater success. Highly effective branding does not make you better than your competitors; it makes you the ONLY option to helping solve your customers’ problems.

Our 3c Process to Transform Your Business From Bland To Brand Champion



Li Wang’s creative career has spanned more than a decade and several countries. With over 12 years graphic design and branding experience, Li has worked with International brands including Nokia, HSBC, HP, Moccona, Dulux, Tiger Beer, Tip Top, F&N and Nestle.

Taking the leap to move from working within design agencies to her own small business, Li has developed an affinity with other owners of small to medium businesses. Her business, CreativLi specialises in brand strategy and the creation of both corporate and personal branding. Combining her background in architecture and her design career, Li is has now firmly established herself as ‘The Brand Architect.’

She is a strategic and forward thinker with a passion for creativity and ability to visualise ideas and intuitively understand the marketplace. She loves working closely with her clients to help them transform their business from bland to Brand Champion!

Since 2014, inspired by her then 4 year old daughter’s passion for drawing, Li turns her love for all things pattern into her latest offer, she now offers surface pattern licensing.